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Personalized Letters by Shraddha Mishra

We may be a part of the Digital Age where everything is only one click away but there will always be things that we hope did not change.

Letters are now replaced by Emails and Social Media Platforms, but it is something which still is appreciated by a lot of people. A physical, handwritten letter always carries more emotion and feelings than a digitally typed text.

Imagine if you can just share your thoughts and feelings and it magically gets imprinted on paper. Then gift wrapped and delivered to your loved one. A personalized letter.

Shraddha Mishra, 19, from Mumbai has started her own business that keeps the concept of writing letters alive. “Letters By Shraddha” helps the people handcraft the letters and send it to their loved ones.

She is a writer, a slam poet, a performer, an artist and a small business owner.
Shraddha Mishra is a business studies student at Christ University, Bangalore; who over the past years has curated poems and writings about everything that she feels and acknowledges and recently she has started doing it for other people as well!

I make the coffee papers on my own, and the stamp is a wax seal made out rose petals which are also dried at home, and the jute threads are bought. The process includes, when i ask my clients who they want the letter and what they want to include in it.

Shraddha Mishra

A lot of people ask for add-on gifts along with these letters that makes it a complete package.

If you want your own personalised letter,contact her right away with your specifications. She will quote you a reasonable price for it.

You can contact her at her Email: shraddhamishra@icloud.com
and also follow her on Instagram and drop a message to place your order: @shraddhaamishraa

Sriyansa Mohanty
Having an experience of 3 years in content writing and pursues photography as a hobby