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Motorola Razr (2019)- Pictures,renders and specs leaked.

Motorola Razr’s renders and pictures got leaked just days before its official launch.

Motorola is about to launch its all new Razr on 13th November in Los Angeles. This phone is so hyped because firstly its the successor to the old Motorola Razr that has been one of the most successful phones of all time.

The Original Motorola Razr

This is the company’s new take on its old champion. The Razr will have all the 2019 specs including a foldable and a secondary display just like the Galaxy Fold.

The leaked images show that the secondary display will be a small one just to show the notifications and do basic stuff which brings back the nostalgia as even the original Razr had the same feature and that was what separated it from the rest of the phones back then.

Now all this sounds really good and amazing, but here comes the somewhat depressing part. The Razr won’t be a flagship phone, what this means is that although it will have a really cool design, it won’t have top of the line specs. The specs of the phones have leaked too and according to the leaks the phone will have a Snapdragon 710 chipset with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. The phone will also have a 2,730 mAH battery with supported 27W turbo charging.The phone will rock a 6.2″ OLED display,a fingerprint sensor.

Okay, so after all this comes the question, is this phone meant for everyone?

Well, maybe. It totally depends on if you really need a fancy phone or just a normal phone.

Personally this probably will be the best foldable phone of this year in terms of looks and feel but nothing can be said as of yet as we have just seen the leaks.

But the ones who have extensively used the original Razr, should really like this phone.