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Twitter is planning on a subscription service; Undo Button, Badges and a lot more features

Soon you might be paying Twitter some bucks every month to enjoy some extra perks in the Social Media. Twitter can add an undo send button with a host of new features for paying subscribers, such as badges, video publishing, and auto-responses.

A Twitter survey described the potential features which a paid subscription could carry in. A spokesperson for Twitter told TechCrunch that Twitter is conducting surveys to determine options for a membership program. The survey questions were first shared by social media strategist Matt Navarra on Twitter.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had announced that Twitter was looking at exploring a product subscription model, but it is in the very early development stages. He also said Twitter is looking at other revenue-generating options.

“You will likely see some tests this year. [He has] a really high bar for when we would ask consumers to pay for aspects of Twitter”

These are the features that could ship with the subscription,

  • Undo send button: It will give you the ability of deleting a tweet within 30 seconds, before it appears to the Public.
  • Badges: It will appear in an User’s Profile to showcase their profession. It will display the company which they own or work for.
  • Video publishing: With this feature and the higher quality videos users can publish 5 times longer videos with a maximum resolution of 8192 x 8192.
  • Custom colors: Twitter users will be able to get additional themes with unique colors other than the standard night mode. Users may select their favorite background color and the theme. This will reflect on the links, hashtags and icons.
  • Brand surveys: It will help the Brands to conduct surveys about their ads in order to improve and grow.
  • Social listening: The users will be able to see what others are talking about them on the Social Media.
  • Auto Responses: This will help in designing a set of replies which will be auto-sent to the users when you are unavailable.

While the users might mock them for adding a price tag to the features which should have been available for free, it is a business idea and I see a lot of users getting it. Just like LinkedIn’s Premium plan. This is is still in a “very, very early phases of exploring” and might take quiet some time when it comes to the Public.

Unfortunately, there is still NO news about the Edit Button, and the closest to it would be the Undo Button which will come with the Subscription. We will soon come to know about the cost of the subscription, as of now we just know what might be the benefits of the service.

Sriyansa Mohanty
Having an experience of 3 years in content writing and pursues photography as a hobby