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Xiaomi to build a new MIUI after the Indian Government imposes ban on Chinese Apps

Xiaomi has been one of the biggest smartphone seller in India because of their budget smartphones. But being a Chinese company, their software, MIUI came packed with Chinese Apps most of which are now banned by the Indian Government.

The company took is now looking forward to build a fresh version of MIUI which won’t include any of the banned apps. Xiaomi India President, Manu Jain, posted an announcement on Twitter Friday that the company is complying with the ban.

He said that they have been storing data of the Indian Users in the country itself from 2018. He also mentioned that the company “reserves the right” to take legal actions on those who spread misinformation since the data has never been shared by anyone outside the country.


Xiaomi’s Mi Browser was one of the few apps which were banned recently on the allegation of collecting user information. The Chinese company ships its own suite of software onto phones that it sells in India including video and music player, protection and even Xiaomi’s own e-commerce store, Mi Store.

Like all others in the banned list, the company has sent its answers to 77 questions from the Indian government and is awaiting an individual government hearing.

Sriyansa Mohanty
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